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A peer advisory board of seasoned business owners to achieve their goals, solve problems with creative ideas, share knowledge, skills and best practices.

Make better decisions & achieve stronger results with peer action planning & accountability.

Charge Forward

Business Roadmaps built  with people like you

Get control of your business

Want to stop firefighting in your business?

Sick of reoccurring problems & never get to the root cause of issues, want to stop sticking plasters on & always giving in to short term fixes?

Gain clarity

A place where you can get thoughts & ideas out of your head & get honest feedback – get clarity about your business situation, a safe place to talk. Often it’s not appropriate to talk with your team, before you approach them.

Fresh perspective & new ideas

Sometimes you can be trapped by the ways things have always been done.

You want to feel listened to & understood to gain new insights

Constantly thinking how do I get my message out there & make the changes in the business that are needed, & make them stick.

Is this Mastermind for me?

You should join Inspired Leaders Circle if:

  • You’re ready to work in a group environment where the combined effect of circle members helps you to find creative answers, share knowledge and experience, & support each other to achieve your most important goals.
  • You’re serious about growing your business with like-minded individuals who will be your cheerleaders to increase your knowledge & revenue; action takers thrive on personal growth as well as business growth.
  • You are enthusiastic, flexible, willing to shift perspectives & thinking & then act on it.
  • Your business has 10 employee’s or more

You should not join Inspired Leaders Circle if:

    • You are not serious about significant business & personal growth, you don’t have the discipline to follow through.
    • You are not enthusiastic about attaining your goals.
    • You are not interested in learning new knowledge and skills.
    • You are not willing to both askfor help for yourself and give help to others.
    • You’re not willing to explore new ideas and solutions. It’s more comfortable to lead with blinkers on.


Thank you for an inspirational journey supporting me overcoming the challenges I encountered in my new role. So many perspectives to help me make better decisions and see the bigger picture. I am a much better leader than I could have ever imagined
Sady Fox

Operations Director


Lisa’s discretion when supporting myself and my team through a significant change programme is commendable. We all had so many conflicting opinions and backgrounds to start off with. Creating a tangible strategy with Lisa, we could all buy into, was the key. Thank you, I really didn’t think it was possible.


Subject to NDA

I learned more in my first 3 hour session with Lisa than I had after 6 months of self directed learning & research. She is clear and concise, cutting through overwhelm, asking me pointed questions, hitting the key points. I left invigorated & remotivated. I now have a clear pathway forward.

John Lee

Managing Director

How Inspired Leaders Circle works

Dynamic circle meetings – monthly in person

    • Regular meetings provide a safe space for participants to discuss issues, learn, and work together.
    • Participants focus on the main challenges the business faces, question their beliefs, & work across departments to find solutions.
    • Spot light seat – dedicated time each member shares a matter so participants can offer their perspective

Personal 1:2:1 Executive coaching sessions bi-monthly typically 6 sessions

    • Participants get personal guidance from an experienced business mentor & coach.
    • One-to-one sessions help participants grow both personally and professionally in a private setting.

Stay connected via secure & exclusive online portal

    • Track your progress & stay in touch with other Circle members between meetings.


What if I can’t make a meeting?

• Special Charter rate for early adopters

• Exclusive half day workspace with wi-fi & refreshments to work on your business away from the workplace.

• Complimentary Clifton Strengths Assessment to determine how uniquely powerful you are.

• Discounted Masterclasses for you & your team

• Keep track of your progress in the confidential circle members portal

Charter Member Rate available for








From Our Founder               

lisa Machin                           

Your Facilitator

Make your own opportunities

From a back ground in organisational development, improving people, processes & business performance, through to responsibility for training & development, i’ve had a passion & boundless enthusiasm for helping people to live better lives. I am an architect of change standing along side business owners, stakeholders, managers & individuals. I recognise its scary heading into the unknown, into the often-unchartered waters of change.

I have extensive international experience in multi-national manufacturing having been responsible for the optimisation & implementation of productivity systems requiring strategic thinking & liaison between strategic & operational levels with both internal & external clients at world-wide sites. I respond competently & successfully in a constantly changing environment to achieve demanding targets & objectives.

Specialties: Leadership Development, Growth & Development, Culture Change, Process Improvement, Performance Improvement, Change Management, Cultural Integration, Utilisation of NLP Techniques in Practice, Training, Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring. 

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